What is Live Roulette?

The live roulette feed originates from a land-based roma slot เล่นฟรี casino or a gaming developer’s facility. High-definition (HD) video links you with the live dealer, letting you to communicate using specific on-screen tools.


Live chat is available at each dedicated table, making live roulette a sociable gaming experience. You won’t get that with video roulette. You don’t have to engage or dress up. The studio cameras are just for your advantage. You can see the live dealer, the wheel, and your surroundings, but not other players at your table.


Once you’ve discovered your favorite live roulette game, press play and start putting bets using the on-screen controls. In certain casinos, you may join two tables at once.

If the game is in play when you arrive, wait until the round is over. You may place your bets as soon as the live dealer says so.


Knowing the basics can help you enjoy your game experience. Always verify the table restrictions and your money before playing. Knowing your limits can help you choose the right game.

Using the navigational tools on your screen, place your bets after you know your budget. If the game had already begun when you arrived, you’d have to wait until the dealer opened a new betting round.


You may either gamble inside or outside. Outside bets include red/black, even/odd, low/high, dozens, and columns. Inside bets are black, red, and zeros.

Before spinning the ball, the live dealer will let you put your bets. You get roughly 15 seconds to put your bets, depending on the casino. Once the ball begins spinning, the dealer will hand indicate ‘no more bets’. The table then awaits the ball’s stop and the winning number.

The winning number will be marked. If you bet on the winning number, the winnings will be credited to your account. If not, the dealer will withdraw your lost chips. You may then re-bet or quit the game.

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Live roulette betting is simple, but you must act quickly. To place your bets before the live dealer concludes the game, you may have seconds. The beauty of online live roulette is that you may put many bets at once.

You may wager on any number on the inside or outside, such as low or high, black or red, odds or evens. Inside bets include straight-up, split, and corner bets. Or put all your money on one bet, but remember that inner bets are riskier than outer bets since the winning possibilities are fewer.

Some roulette variations allow for a few side bets. They are called a basket bet and a red snake bet, respectively.


You must also follow the table minimum and maximum restrictions while playing live roulette. You’ll need to know the straight-up and outer min/max bet limitations. Straight-up bets range from £0.10 to £500, while outside bets go from £1,000 to £10,000. Outside bets cannot be divided over several places. If the minimum is £10, it cannot be split into £5 red and £5 even. You must bet the minimum on both.

Live Roulette Types

When you join an online live casino, you’ll probably have many options for live dealer roulette. Depending on the lobby’s size, you’ll find variations of conventional roulette and occasionally in-house games.

Their backdrops, betting ranges, play speeds, pocket counts, and RTPs vary, but they all use the same basic roulette wheel. Here are a few popular live roulette games.

Roulette Live Euro

All roulette variations start with European Roulette. It has 37 pockets, 36 numerals and one 0. Live European Roulette has a chat feature and statistics on users’ favorite bets. Many casinos provide ordinary and VIP tables 24 hours a day.

Live Roulette

American Roulette is a 38-pocket roulette game featuring an additional double zero (00) on the layout. This gives you more betting options than European Roulette, but look out for the odds and the RTP. The stats are usually lower than the original.

Live Roulette

The La Partage rule distinguishes Live European Roulette from Live French Roulette. An even-odds bet loses half if the ball falls on 0. French Roulette has a slightly different layout and certain bets are titled in French.


MINI LIVE ROULETTE is a smaller version of LIVE EURO This version is now available in bingo and sportsbooks, enabling you to play roulette while betting on your favorite sports. It’s normally a 200230 pixel window designed by Evolution Gaming and broadcast from their Riga studios. It may be expanded at any moment to include a live casino.

Live Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette, based on the European Roulette pattern, has proven a major popularity with gamblers. This is because, in addition to standard wagers, you may increase your winnings by using fortunate number multipliers. After all bets are made, a lucky number and payment will be chosen at random. If you wager straight on that number, you may earn a 500x multiplier.

How to Play Live Roulette Online

In comparison to virtual roulette, playing live roulette with actual dealers is far more enjoyable. You may talk to them and learn more about the game. Here are five simple steps to get you started:

Choose a live dealer casino. Before registering with a casino, check to see whether it provides the roulette game you wish to play.

Create an account and deposit to get the bonus. Examine the casino’s live dealer bonuses. Some casinos provide free spins on slots or live games.

Choose a roulette table in the live casino lobby. Look at the available tables and the table limitations to establish your bankroll.

Set your bets. Use your mouse to move the chips about the table. The dealer will declare open and closed bets. If you’ve never made a bet before, check out our ‘Live Roulette Bets’ section above for more information.

It’s a fun game where you may ask questions and engage with the live dealer and other players.

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Why Play Live Roulette Online?

Live roulette has more benefits than drawbacks. Playing live roulette with a real-life dealer at an online casino is the closest thing to being at a genuine casino. Even better, you don’t have to leave your home to play. And you can play it on your phone while you’re not home.

Another attraction to play it live is the chance to win real money. If you choose the appropriate casino, you may potentially get a match bonus on your first deposit. If the casino doesn’t provide welcome bonuses for live games, look for hidden deals for live casino players.

Live casinos sometimes feature lower table limits than land-based casinos, so you may still have fun with a modest bankroll. If you’re new to playing online live roulette, start with the lower limit tables.

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